Spring Fun

The ice is usually out by early May – but it is not terribly unusual for mid May canoe trips to be held up because the lakes aren’t open yet.  As the snow softens cars often slide off roads so we keep tow ropes handy. Hearing the final hour of ice-out is enchanting:  the candled ice sings like fair bells. Spring is a wonderful time here if a) you are willing to tolerate mud – we switch from mukluks and pack boots to knee high rubber barnboots- and b) love to walk.  Because all the grass is beaten down and there are no leaves to obstruct the view one can see the ‘bones’ of the land.  The Spring birds start in April, the trees look like easter egg trees with all their bright mating colors.  There is such joy in finding the first sprig of green, and soon the first blossom.  When the trees first leaf out the noise is horrendous – we are used to the silence of winter and all those trees make a mighty roar in the spring winds.

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