Special Diets

We will be happy to meet your special dietary needs while you are here at Blue Heron.  Our Breakfast Menu can be adjusted so that you can eat meals here with confidence that your dietary needs have been attended to.
Because of the higher cost of many special foods we will be charging $2/ meal for special preparations.

(some sample menus are below.)

We take every precaution that you get a plate suited to your needs without calling undue
attention to the differences.

Vegetarian – No problem at all.  We keep on hand some home-made vegetarian patties.

Lactose Free – No problem . We can take care of you.

Gluten Free – We have supplies of the gluten free mixes for the standard muffins and pancakes.  Some are commercially available,
some Jo has devised.

Diabetic – Again, no problem.  Our breakfasts are generally low sugar to begin with.  We keep on hand the ‘diabetic’ maple syrup as well as Agave syrup.  There are always non-sugar sweeteners as well.

Low-Fat – We’ll be glad to adjust our recipes to meet your needs. They are generally low-fat to begin with.

Low-Carbohydrate – See some of the sample breakfast items (below) we serve.  We welcome your suggestions.

Allergies to specific foods – We’ll do our best.  If yours is a very severe allergy, such as peanuts, we can’t guarantee that the cutting boards, etc. would not have been exposed to nuts at some point.

Some sample Breakfast Menus for special diets:

Our famous Gingerbread Pancakes taste just as good in gluten free form.  We’ve gotten rave reviews from versions made with rice milk and gluten-free biscuit mix. Same is true of all other forms of pancakes we serve.

Sweet potato Muffins.  A gluten free recipe that works well for low-fat and diabetic diets.

Potato Lentil Hash.  Doesn’t sound near as good as it really is.   Can be gluten free and works well for lactose free, low fat and diabetic.

Wild Rice Porridge with blueberries.  Bring it on!  Meets the requirements of all the special needs diets listed above.

Steel Cut Oatmeal with sautéed apples.  Every one at the table wants to try it.
Again, meets the needs of all the special diets.

Breakfast Berry Risotto.  Risotto is NOT just for dinner.  Arborio rice, seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla topped with fresh fruit. Special indeed!

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