Pet Policy

Canine Code of Conduct

  • A $10 cleaning charge will be added to your bill.
  • It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that all canine visitors will be very well behaved, non-aggressive, completely housebroken, well-groomed & flea free.  Please also make sure that all vaccinations are current.
  • When packing to come, don’t forget your dog’s favorite food/water dishes, blanket, toy(s), extra leash and food!
  • Please arrive before dark.  We want your pet(s) and ours to meet in the parking area where there is plenty of room for the required rituals and circle dances.  All the owners should be present to provide canine security as well.
  • We expect that your pet will be compatible with our dogs:  Sam belongs to Jo, and Monroe and Ziggy belong to Mark and Dawn the owners. Sam will more than likely meet you in the parking lot making sure you are ok to be here.  He takes his job very seriously . He is very kind hearted and full of energy. You will get to meet Monroe and Ziggy later, as we will introduce them after we are able to get our guest settled.


  • Have your dog meet Sam out in the parking lot with one of us  there and where they can move freely.  Meeting inside the house is asking for trouble between dogs.
  • Shortly after arrival here give your pet a good long walk. The change of pace after a long confinement will help with the adjustment, to the new environment .
  • We don’t have pooper scooper or leash laws up here in the wilderness but if your dog leaves droppings on a path or in the parking area please scoop it up (scoops handy at bottom of stairs). Recycle the contribution into the woods – plastic bags are neither necessary or desirable.
  • Please dry wet pets and or pet paws as you enter the B&B.  There are hampers with dog towels by the lakeside door.
  • Please keep pets from jumping on the furniture and bed in the room, or bring a blanket from your home and cover the bed.
  • A rubber mat will be placed in your room for food and water dishes.
  • Please do not leave dogs in your room unattended.  We have a kennel crate available for those few times when your dog cannot accompany you.
  • Remember. . . we live in wolf territory.  You are advised to supervise your dog outside.
  • Be very sure of your dog’s boating behavior before you take your pet out in a canoe.  I’ve found that it is best to have a dog ride in front of the bow-paddler and thus stay in one place.  It works.
  • Your dog’s health, safety, and obedience are, at ALL times, your responsibility (as are any repairs to furnishings necessitated by an unruly pet).
  • Should an “accident” occur in the B&B , please advise us immediately so that permanent damage may be prevented. Cleaning charges will apply.

Please feel free to discuss any specific questions you may have. We reserve the right to refuse lodging to any pet who does not meet these requirements.

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