Welcome to the Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast

The Ely, Minnesota Lakeside Bed & Breakfast with the Million Acre Front Yard

Click to read the story about Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast in Minnesota Monthly.

Click to read the story featuring Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast in Minnesota Monthly.

The Blue Heron Bed & Breakfast is a lakeside lodge adjoining the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) – our million acre front yard near Ely, Minnesota. At the Blue Heron you can experience all the wilderness of a canoe trip but with a king or queen size bed, private bath, and breakfast in the dining room overlooking the lake.

You can launch from our shore to canoe, fish or just laze about. By boat or by foot you can explore the nooks and crannies of our 10 acres and the BWCA… next door. Numerous trails and logging roads nearby can be used for hiking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing. In winter we host dog sled trips. Or perhaps you’d rather ‘just be’ in a comfortable chair by the shore, on the porch or in front of the fire.

Our marsh is a favorite delicatessen for moose, who have been known to peak in the windows. They occasionally leave evidence of their nocturnal visits on the path – watch your step. The marsh also hosts two active beaver houses. Its calla lilies and blue flag iris are a favorite for photographers. Deer graze on the ledge rock just behind the lodge. Early risers can often see deer from the bedroom windows.

There are wolf packs nearby, occasionally seen and often heard. Bear leave tunneled paths through the wild raspberries around the lodge.

Other unscheduled entertainment is the family of foxes who den nearby and a trio of otters. Their antics have delighted us at breakfast and on canoe and ski outings. Our bay is home to ducks, loons, and a family of bitterns. The blue heron fishes our bay on its daily route and sunbathes in the view of the dining room. In winter an ermine makes his home under the building.

A pair of Eagles nested close; it is about a 10-minute paddle into the BWCAW. If we forget to point out their nest site on the lake map, please ask. They have very cleverly placed it behind view-obstructing branches in tall trees. Eagle watching is a daily treat in spring as the chicks grow incredibly fast and the patient parents – well- run out of patience!

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